Our DAS and Small Cells solutions are essential to offer the 5G coverage that Mexico will require in complex urban environments

DAS and Small Cells systems enable consumers to connect through mobile operators whenever and wherever they need, ensuring an excellent signal quality in locations where there would otherwise be little or no coverage.

The demand for mobile data is growing faster than the supply of digital infrastructure. Mobile users are demanding access to higher quality networks. To enable this, operators must move the antennas closer to their customers, into shopping malls, offices, stadiums, universities, airports, outdoor venues, and more.

Regardless of whether the area is covered or open, MTP provides a neutral network infrastructure that is specifically designed to transmit cellular signals in crowded spaces.

DAS and Small Cells Networks

Both solutions work in parallel with our extensive Tower network to help building owners and operators overcome challenges. Although the configuration and components may differ depending on the goals, each solution ensures connectivity with:

  • High Quality: By increasing network density and expanding coverage.

  • High Capacity: By utilizing networks.

Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor small cells will be a key part of smart city technology and an ideal complement to 5G.

Indoor Solutions

They are specifically designed for indoor use and locations where high simultaneous capacity is required.

Small Cells

Small Cells are a type of wireless network infrastructure that can be used to improve coverage and capacity in areas where traditional macro networks may not be sufficient. They can be deployed faster and with less design work than DAS and are well-suited for use in smaller buildings or outdoor environments where macro network penetration may be limited.

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