We offer two routes
to improve
macro coverage:
Collocation and BTS

We have more than 3,500 Towers deployed across Mexico under the highest quality standards. Also, we offer tailored solutions that allow our clients to have better and more efficient networks.

Our Towers extend coverage, offer flexibility, and allow fast deployments.

Our business model is based on infrastructure sharing with the locations and heights that our clients require. We buy and build Towers in addition to offering space in existing Towers.

The leased space includes a vertical space within a Tower for the installation of radio frequency and microwave antennas, as well as floor space for shelters and cabinets to store electronic equipment.

Our team is made up by the best specialists in acquisition, construction and maintenance of telecommunication Towers, providing timely and professional service to our clients and lessors.

  • Placement
  • Built-to-suit
  • Acquisitions

Lease the space that your business needs.

Expand your network by deploying sites tailored to your specific requirements.

Through transactions ranging from purchase of a single Tower to large portfolios of hundreds of Towers, MTP acquires assets throughout the country, allowing you to capitalize your sites in a timely manner.