Our EDGE and Data Centers Solutions have the most robust levels of design, quality, security, and connectivity.

MTP is changing the paradigm in the way that we interact with the use of technology, evolving into what we know as Edge Infrastructure. Our Data Centers are resilient, maximize uptime, and provide 24/7 support.

Due to the design and building processes that addressed the unique needs and difficulties of the region, our Data Centers were given the Latin America Data Center Development Award.Our multi-tenant Data Center platform offers the full spectrum of colocation, security, and interconnection solutions that provide a trusted process-proven foundation for our customers.

MTP is a strong partner for the sustainable growth of the world’s most innovative data-driven companies and corporations.

We provide coverage, capacity, and control, allowing our clients to host and operate their equipment

  • At MTP, we offer several physical locations at strategic points for the operation of the network and the continuous processing of content and data.

  • We offer fast implementation and security.

  • We bring connectivity and data availability closer to the end user to achieve a much more satisfying and reliable experience.

  • All our solutions are scalable and can be adapted to each need.

For us, the reliability of the infrastructure is the most important; therefore, we offer robust solutions under the best standards in the market.


We have the best
coverage and capacity

Our Infrastructure