A Sustainale Future (ESG)

MTP is committed to the sustainable development of its business, engraining into its activities efforts to protect and respect the environment and its stakeholders through a solid corporate governance that allows us to develop and strive towards sustainability goals.

Deep-rooted in our mission is the commitment to deliver value and create a positive impact through each executed act, thereby driving a sustainable change within our community.


At MTP we know our responsibility in the preservation of the environment and in this sense, we recognize the importance of performing and promoting a culture of moderate consumption and energy efficiency within our projects.

We are currently working on the substitution of conventional lights by solar panels, with the purpose to produce clean and renewable energy, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and in this way, contribute to the fight against climate change. We are committed to keep incorporating projects focused on energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources in our corporate strategy, as we advance towards our goal of Net Zero by 2030.


Social responsibility is an integral part of our culture; for this reason, we ensure that our business’ activities create a positive impact in each one of our employees, stakeholders, and the community.

We care for the welfare, health, and safety of our employees as a top priority, through prevention, remediation, and mutual responsibility practices.

We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are a source of empathy, innovation, and creativity, and in this way, we celebrate and promote both through practices of equal opportunities, respect for human rights and zero tolerance to any kind of discrimination.

Through our social responsibility program, we actively and voluntarily participate in Mexico’s social development, supporting projects that promote and foster access to education, connectivity and technology, as part of our commitment to fight against the digital gap, poverty, and social exclusion.

Corporate Governance

At MTP we are committed to act with a high sense of integrity, ethics, and compliance, creating a positive impact on all our stakeholders. We promote, care, and firmly strive towards a culture of compliance and zero tolerance for corruption and/or any other dishonest behavior.

We have policies that encourage transparency, reliability, and respect and strengthen our corporate governance, through which we continue developing and achieving our sustainability goals.